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Recycled Monarch chrysalis earrings - Black tone

Recycled Monarch chrysalis earrings - Black tone

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These earrings were made with real Monarch butterfly chrysalises, resin and 925 Sterling silver.

The chrysalises were empty or dead when we sourced them from a local breeder in Mt Glorious, QLD. They died naturally because a parasitoid fly was consuming the internal body of the caterpillars before turning into chrysalises. A hairy fly emerged from the shell of each chrysalis, and not a butterfly. 

Instead of trowing them into the bin, I asked the breeders to keep them to be turned by me into wearable art. 

I preserved the chrysalises with resin, paint them to give them a vivid colour and then made the coils and hooks with sterling silver.

These earrings are very light and are great for people with nickel or other base metal allergies/sensitivities. 

Warning: As these earrings are handmade with natural elements, slightly variations can be found between pairs. Size and shape of chrysalises are variable and some have been repaired to closed the exit whole of the fly in the shell. I can guarantee that they all look stunning! 

Materials: Monarch butterfly chrysalis, resin and 925 Sterling Silver. 

Size: 5cm (3cm chrysalis + 2cm loop + hooks) 

Weight: 5 grams

Care instructions: To prevent silver from tarnishing, store in a dry airtight container with the anti-tarnish strip that comes with this product. Don't leave silver jewellery in the bathroom. A silver polishing cloth is provided with this product. 

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