"Bugs and Beads" is a brand created by Vivian, an entomologist (insect scientist) living in Australia who is obsessed with insects, arachnids and fungi. 

Vivian has always been collecting handmade pieces inspired by insects and mushrooms but also making her own jewellery. When she arrived to Australia and before finding a job as an entomologist, she started her small business "Bugs and Beads".  

She designs and make jewellery, wearable art and collectables inspired by them, but also she is promoting Australian and international artists and their artwork using insects and fungi as their source of inspiration.

Vivian wants to educate people about the importance of insects, arachnids and mushrooms for our environment, but also to change the way people see the "creepy crawlers". 

Bugs and Beads has also a specialised line of custom resin blocks with insects used for educational purposes and displays. 

In this shop you will find infinite ideas for gifts, souvenirs and retro collectables for entomologists (insect lovers), mycologists (fungi lovers), botanists (plant lovers), zoologists (animal lovers), biologists (life lovers), nature lovers, citizen scientists, amateurs, seniors, adults, teenagers and children.

By buying these products, you are supporting several research projects about biology and taxonomy of insects and fungi, edible insects, and also non-profit organizations that will receive donations with every sale.