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Honey Pot Ants 3-in-one phone clutch wallet

Honey Pot Ants 3-in-one phone clutch wallet

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These beautiful and practical cases were made by Helena Hermeto @athingor2, our friend and new COLLAB!

These 3-in-one cases are very special:
-First side: It's a phone case with a plastic protection that still lets you use the touch screen. You can use your phone without removing it from the case and it will be protected from dirt and other surfaces. That means that it's a COVID safe phone case that can be cleaned with any product, so you don't need to clean your phone's screen.
-Second side: It's a swipe card/ID holder that can be used without removing from the case.
-Third function: In the middle of both sides, there is a pencil case where you can keep pens, keys, or any beloved objects.

This case can be hung to your pants' loops or just clipped to your pants/skirt's waist. You no longer need to worry about your phone falling off your pocket. There is another very important thing, you don't need to remove it from your pants/skirt to go to the toilet!!

If your are not keen to hang it, it can be used as a purse, thanks to the little wrist strap that comes with it.

The quality of these cases is the best! We used insects and mushrooms  stunning fabrics made in Australia or Japan. 


Size: 20.5cm high x 11cm wide x1.5 cm deap


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