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Minimalistics Bronze - Sterling Silver

Minimalistics Bronze - Sterling Silver

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These earrings are made with real jewel beetle wing cases and 925 Sterling silver findings and proudly handcrafted and designed in Australia (Darra, QLD).

The Elytra (term used for the beettle wing cases) are very resistant, light and shiny and their colour won't change or fade over the time. The wings are naturally dried and don't contain any product or varnish. This species of jewel beetle is named Sternocera aequisignata and is very common in Thailand, where locals use the larvae as food and adult wings for embroidery and jewelery.  Adults emerge, lay eggs and die within a couple of weeks, and after that period they are collected and recycled.

Elytra wings come in three colours:  hues of blue/purple, blue/green, and green/orange.  These earrings showcase the green/orange coloured wings.

The ear hooks are sterling silver, so they are great for people with nickel or other base metal allergies/sensitivities.

Materials: Jewel beetle wing cases and 925 Sterling Silver findings

Size: 5.5cm (hooks and findings: 20mm + wings: 35mm)

Weight: 1gram

Care instructions: To prevent silver from tarnishing, store in a dry airtight container with the anti-tarnish strip that comes with this product. Don't leave silver jewelry in the bathroom. 

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